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How a Credit Union from South Australia beat the big banks

Client: People’s Choice Credit Union

Tactic: SEO

Channel: Google Search

Their Story: People’s Choice Credit Union is one of Australia’s largest credit unions with 360,000 members, and branches across the country.

Objective: We were tasked with lifting the organic search traffic in order to increase the number of personal loan applications.

Our Solution: Switched On took a three-pronged SEO approach. We eliminated website technical issues, improved content and user experience and leveraged influencers to talk about personal loans. Within 18 months, People’s Choice Credit Union achieved #1 ranking on Google for ‘personal loans’ and ‘personal loan calculator’, ahead of the big banks.

Our work saw 13% more organic search driven personal loan applications, and 46% more visits to the personal loans product page.

Increasing foot traffic through Social Media

Client: JLL

Tactic: Social Media Marketing

Their Story: JLL manage shopping centres across Australia. Their objective is to grow foot traffic to their shopping centres to support local retailers.

Our Solution: We created bespoke content tailored to the audience of each of the 26 shopping centre, seeding it on Facebook and Instagram. The content is rich with retailer offers, competitions, interesting and useful information.

Latest successes:

50+ offers redeemed within 3 hours of posting for a VIP burger night at The Coffee Club, Lakelands. Budget: $6.

1.6K+ people attended School Holidays activities in Gungahlin Shopping Centre, promoted through Facebook Ads.

In a competition where shoppers upload their receipt for their chance to win a holiday, we achieved 177% return on ad spend.

During July-December 2017 we have increased the email database by 7.2k+ addresses through Facebook activity.

Followers have grown at a rate of 2% per month.

Heavy lifting drives immediate uplift.

Client: Vision Personal Training

Tactic: Paid Media

Channel: Facebook, Google Adwords

Their Story: Vision Personal Training is the largest Australian-owned and franchised network of Personal Training studios. With 58 locations across Australia and New Zealand, Switched On was brought in to improve interest in the brand, optimise new client acquisition, and execute a strategy with local search at its core.

Our Solution:
 We restructured the AdWords account to drive leads at a lower cost as well as optimise website content to be relevant to local searches.

Our approach generated an uplift of 13% more leads in the first three months of activity.

An award winning strategy.

Client: Nude By Nature

Tactic: Paid Media

Channel: Facebook, YouTube, Google Search, Display

Their Story: Nude by Nature, established in 2008 has quickly become Australia’s number one natural cosmetics brand. The team needed a direct marketing strategy across social and search to generate an uplift in its e-commerce sales and extend the lifetime value of its customers.  

Our Solution:  At the core of our strategy is to deliver a personalised and seamless experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Leveraging data technology from Tealium and DOMO, we were able to capture quality audience data to nurture and convert audiences at the right time. The data enabled us to develop customer segments and serve the most relevant message on Facebook, YouTube, Google Search and Display.

Our Success: Our work with Nude by Nature earned us the 2017 Mumbrella award for data-driven marketing and saw a 40% uplift in brand search volume and 163% increase of brand search traffic year on year. The time it took customers to make a 2nd purchase was also halved, and the active customer base tripled over 12 months

We drove +138% higher revenue year on year and saw 2.7x uplift in direct sales.

Fighting for a good cause

Client: Cancer Council NSW

Tactic: Paid Media, Social Media Marketing

Channel: Facebook

Their story: Cancer Council NSW is Australia’s leading cancer charity. They are the only organisation that works across every area of cancer – research, prevention, advocacy, information & support, all working towards their overall goal of a cancer-free future.

Campaign Objective: For people to host ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’.

Our solutionWe narrowed our target audience to people that have previously hosted Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, as well as previous visitors to the Cancer Council website. We used Facebook’s lookalike function to identify people with similar interests.

We then served our audience a range ads in different formats and frequencies, depending on their engagement levels. Video ads were strong at generating awareness and interest, with Facebook Canvas ads generating the most registrations.

With 2,181,208 video views on Social Media, we attracted 1,210 hosts for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Shaping up an efficient Lead Acquisition Strategy

Client: Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Tactic: Paid Media

Channel: Facebook

Their story: Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) is an online health and fitness programme, helping Australians achieve their fitness journey in a supportive community environment.

Their goal: Acquire high quality, cost-effective leads for each round of 12WBT and convert them into members.

Our solution: The fitness industry is crowded, with an assortment of personalities entering in any given month. To reach new members we needed to build a brand connection, be present at every stage of their purchase journey and most importantly, convince consumers to choose 12WBT.

We implemented a sophisticated Facebook targeting strategy that leveraged engagement across the purchase journey. Using video we brought Michelle Bridge’s credibility as a health and fitness leader to life, building trust and authenticity for the 12WBT brand.

Using video engagement as a marker of intent and overlaying audience segments that demonstrated the right level of consideration we used Carousel Ads, Link Ads & Lead Ads for lead acquisition. The creative used was highly considered, showcasing programme attributes based on interest and brand familiarity.

Finally, our retargeting and use of Facebook’s custom audiences closed the loop converting leads to members.

Cost Per Aquisition was reduced by 93% by achieving a $0.01 Cost Per View.